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Design of molds

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We have designed a large number of molds of varying complexity from different materials (MDF, sikablock, metal, foamed polystyrene, plastic model). The molds used for manufacturing wide range of parts, such as panels of the interior and exterior of cars, yachts, airplanes, decorative elements and other facilities. Our engineers have large experience in this field, and can design the molds in short terms.

The molds used in different applications:

- Molding of fiberglass and composite materials;
- Thermal vacuum forming;
- Vacuum casting of polyurethane;
- Master models for decorative details and elements of interior;
- Control of geometry by templates

The process flowchart includes several steps

STEP 1 – We need a model

We need information about a part you need to produce. It can be:

- 3D model
- Surface
- Scanned object
- Drawing


STEP 2 – We design a mold. Scope of work includes:

- design the mold based on your model
- add flanges, attachment locations, and other additional technological features
- analyze molding slopes to ensure easy molds removal
- In case of manufacturing restrictions, such as size insufficient size of milling portal, only 3-axis machine is available, and so on, the molds can be design from multiple components.

At this stage discussion with the customer is important, because we  have to find trade–off between modeling material consumption, manufacturing cost and weigth of mold.


STEP 3 – Layout of sheets

One of approaches to make cost-effective molding form is to design it from plates of cheap material, like MDF or plywood. To do it, the mold splitted on sheets of specified thickness. The shape of sheets corresponds to the cross-sections of the mold. Finally, workpiece of the mold consists of set of sheets glued together.

Such approach allows minimizing time of machining and total cost of manufacturing of molds.


STEP 4 – We prepare the production documentation

The set of documentation, which we send to customers, includes:

- Assembly drawings and part lists
- Detail drawings
- Nesting layouts
- Bill of materials
- 3D models of mold and workpiece (stp format)

For more information please contact us.

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Contact Us

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4033 Stavanger NORWAY

Phone: (+47) 99 03 98 34

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About Company

We offer advanced expertise with industry-leading software, knowledge of industry codes and extensive experience in mechanical engineering. We serve as a resource for various projects that require design experience in both large and small equipment and components.


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